Republic of Poland since 1990

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  1. Order of the White Eagle
  2. Order Virtuti Militari
  3. Order Polonia Restituta
  4. Order of the Military Cross
  5. Order of the Independence Cross
  6. Order of Merit

    State Decorations and Medals

  7. Cross of Valor
  8. Military Cross
  9. Cross of Merit for Bravery
  10. Cross of Merit with Swords
  11. Cross of Merit
  12. Cross of Freedom and Solidarity
  13. Army Cross of Merit with Swords
  14. Air Force Cross of Merit with Swords
  15. Navy Cross of Merit with Swords
  16. Army Cross of Merit
  17. Air Force Cross of Merit
  18. Navy Cross of Merit
  19. Medal for Sacrifice and Courage
  20. Long Service Medal
  21. Medal for Long Marital Life

    Official Commemorative Decorations

  22. Cross of the Deported to Siberia
  23. Afghanistan Star
  24. Iraq Star
  25. Congo Star
  26. Chad Star
  27. Mediterranean Star
  28. Air Crew Star
  29. Eastern Cross
  30. Western Cross

    Decorations Awarded until 1999

  31. Cross for War 1918-1921
  32. Army Medal for War 1939-1945
  33. Air Force Medal for War 1939-1945
  34. Navy Medal for War 1939-1945
  35. Merchant Marine Medal for War 1939-1945
  36. Cross of September Campaign 1939
  37. Monte Cassino Cross
  38. Home Army Cross
  39. Peasant Battalions Cross
  40. National Military Action Cross
  41. Partisan Cross
  42. Polish Armed Forces in the West Military Action Cross
  43. Auschwitz Cross
  44. War Medal 1939
  45. Silesian Uprising Cross
  46. Great Poland Uprising Cross
  47. Warsaw Uprising Cross
  48. Battle of Lenino Cross
  49. Warsaw Medal 1939-1945
  50. Oder, Neisse and Baltic Medal

    Ministry Decorations

    Decorations for the Uniformed Services
  51. Wound Badge
  52. Military Wound Badge
  53. Meritorious Military Pilot Decoration *
  54. Armed Forces in Service for the Country Medal
  55. Polish Army Medal
  56. Medal for Merit for Country Defense
  57. Medal for Merit to the Police
  58. Jozef Tuliszkowski Medal of Honor *
  59. Decoration for Merit in Fire Protection
  60. Frontier Guard Medal of Merit
  61. Frontier Guard Decoration *
  62. Decoration for Merit to Customs Service *
  63. Meritorious Policeman Decoration
  64. Decoration for Merit In Correctional Service
  65. Corrections Long Service Decoration
  66. Exemplary Commander Badge *
  67. Exemplary Sub-unit Leader Badge *
  68. Exemplary Cadet Officer Badge *
  69. Exemplary Cadet Badge *
  70. Exemplary Soldier Badge *
  71. Exemplary Seaman Badge *
  72. Exemplary Driver Decoration *
  73. Exemplary Firefighter Badge *
  74. Military Physical Fitness Badge *
  75. Police Proficiency Badge *
  76. Police Physical Fitness Badge *

    Decorations for the Non-Uniformed Services

  77. Medal for Merit to Culture "Gloria Artis"
  78. Decoration for Merit to Polish Culture *
  79. "Bene Merito" Decoration of Honor
  80. Award for Merit in Defense of Human Rights
  81. Meritorious Inventor Decoration *
  82. Commission of National Education Medal
  83. Honorary Blood Donor Decoration - Meritorious to National Health
  84. Decoration for Merit in Flood Fighting
  85. Decoration for Merit to Mining Industry
  86. Medal for Longevity in Mining Industry *
  87. Decoration for Merit to Polish Geology *
  88. Decoration for Merit to Energy Industry
  89. Decoration for Merit to Forestry *
  90. Decoration for Agricultural Merit *
  91. Decoration for Merit to Ecology and Water Economy *
  92. Decoration for Merit to Construction *
  93. Decoration for Merit to Geodetic and Cartogtaphic Survey *
  94. Decoration of Merit to Transportation *
  95. Meritorious Railroad Worker Decoration *
  96. Decoration for Merit to Road Construction *
  97. Meroitorious Sea Worker Decoration *
  98. Decoration of LOT Airlines for One Million Kilometer Flight *
  99. Decoration of Merit to Communications *
  100. Decoration for Merit to Banking Services
  101. Decoration for Merit to Financial Services
  102. Decoration for Merit to Statistical Surveys *
  103. Decoration for Merit to Social Welfare *
  104. Decoration for Merit to Work Protection
  105. Decoration for Merit to the System of Research and Certificates *
  106. Exemplary Driver Decoration *
  107. Decoration for Conservation of National Monuments *
  108. Meritorious Cultural Worker Decoration *
  109. Decoration for Merit to Education *
  110. Decoration for Merit to Health Protection *
  111. Decoration for Exemplary Work in Health Service *
  112. Decoration for Exemplary Work in Veterinary Service *
  113. Meritorious Welfare Worker Decoration *
  114. Meritorious Ecology Worker Decoration *

    Office for the Combatants and Oppressed Individuals

  115. Veteran of Struggle for Independence Decoration (*)
  116. Tempest Operation Cross & Decoration
  117. "Pro Patria" Medal
  118. "Pro Memoria" Medal

    Sports Decorations

  119. Meritorious Activist of Physical Culture Decoration (*)
  120. Decoration for Merit to Tourism *
  121. Military Physical Fitness Badge *
  122. Police Physical Fitness Badge *

    Non-official Commemorative Decorations

  123. Multinational Division Central-South Commemorative Medal

    Combatant Organizational Decorations

    Freedom and Independence Organization
  124. Freedom and Independence Organization Cross *

    Association of Veterans for Struggle for Free and Righteous Poland

  125. Order of Blood Spilled for the Country
  126. Order of Martyrdom and Victory

    Association of Former Political Prisoners

  127. Cross of Political Prisoner
  128. Cross of the Unbroken

    Association of Former Political Prisoners of the Stalin Era

  129. Cross of Political Prisoner

    Anticommunist Association of Political Prisoners

  130. Cross of the Association

    Association of Oppressed Miners-Soldiers

  131. Cross of Oppressed Miners-Soldiers

    Association of the Deported to Siberia

  132. Cross of the Deported to Siberia *
  133. Cross of the Deported of the Warmia-Masuria Region (*)

    Association of Underground Armed Forces 1944-56

  134. Freedom and Independence Cross
  135. Freedom and Independence Medal

    Polish Home Combatants' Association ANTYK

  136. Cross of Struggle f. Independence

    Polish Conspirational Army

  137. PCA Cross
  138. Warszyc Medal

    Polish Army Corps

  139. Polish Army Corps Cross

    Great Poland WARTA Combatant Association

  140. Cross of Merit

    Polish Combatants' Association (Warsaw)

  141. Cross of Merit

    Association of Polish Combattants-Defenders of the Country

  142. Cross of Merit

    Federation of Polish Associations of Defenders of the Country

  143. Cross of Service to the Republic
  144. Medal of Merit

    War Order of the Cross of Grunwald Knights' Association

  145. Decoration for Merit to the Association

    Former Soldiers of People's Guard and People's Army

  146. People's Army Cross

    Society of Polish People's Army Soldiers

  147. 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Lenino Commemorative Medal

    Association of Combattants and Former Political Prisoners

  148. Decoration of Merit
  149. Decoration of honor for Mine Clearing

    Association of Prisoners of Nazi Prisons and Concentration Camps

  150. Decoration for Merit

    Association of Poles - Victims of the Third Reich

  151. Medal of Merit

    Association of Combatants and Participants of Poznan Rising 1956

  152. Cross of Poznan Rising of 1956

    Polish Solidarity Combatants Association

  153. Semper Fidelis Cross

    Association of the Families of Defenders of Westerplatte and Soldiers of Hubal

  154. Missio Reconciliationis Decoration

    "Ponury-Nurt" Swietokrzyski Partisan Groups Environment

  155. Police Cross of Ponury *

    Other Commemorative Decorations

  156. Battle of Bzura Cross

    Organizational Decorations

    Polish Red Cross

  157. Crystal Heart Decoration of Honor
  158. Decoration of Honor
  159. Meritorious Honorary Blood Donor Decoration (*)
  160. Honorary Blood Donor Decoration *

    Voluntary Fire Brigades' Association

  161. Boleslaw Chomicz Medal *
  162. Gold Decoration of Honor
  163. Honorary Member Decoration *
  164. Silver Medal for Courage and Bravery in Fire Service
  165. Medal of Merit
  166. Decoration of Merit in Fire Protection Competition
  167. Long Service Decoration *
  168. Exemplary Firefighter Decoration *
  169. Youth Troop Decoration *

    Country Defense League

  170. Honorary Member Decoration *
  171. Decoration for Outstanding Merit
  172. Decoration for Special Merit (50th Anniversary)
  173. Medal of Merit
  174. Meritorious Member Decoration
  175. Reserve Officers' Club Decoration of Merit
  176. Reserve Officers' Club Meritorious Member Decoration

    Association of Polish Legionnaires

  177. Order Virtuti Civili
  178. Cross and Medal of Honor
  179. Medal of Merit

    Association of Former Military and Reserve Officers

  180. Decoration of Merit *

    Jozef Pilsudski Reserve Officers' Association

  181. Medal of Merit

    Falcon Association

  182. Decoration of Honor

    Council f. Safeguarding Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom

  183. Safeguard of National Memory Monuments Medal
  184. Safeguard of National Memory Monuments Decoration *

    Polish Medical Society

  185. Gloria Medicinae Medal

    Children's Friends Society

  186. Dr. Henryk Jordan Medal

    Democratic Party

  187. Meritorious Member Decoration

    Polish Scout Association

  188. Cross of Merit

    Polish Socialist Youth Association

  189. Janek Krasicki Decoration
  190. Decoration of Merit

    Rural Youth Association

  191. Ignacy Solarz Decoration
  192. Decoration of Merit

    Voluntary Labor Corps

  193. Decoration of Merit

    Polish Hunting Society

  194. "ZLOM" Decoration *
  195. Medal of St. Hubertus
  196. Medal for Hunting Merit
  197. Hunting Merit Decoration *

    Order of Smile

  198. Order of Smile

    Order of St. Stanislas

  199. Order of St. Stanislas

    Order of the White Raven

  200. Order of the White Raven

    Order of Pomian

  201. Order of Pomian

    Polish Royalist Party

  202. Order of Regency
  203. Order of King Boleslaus the Valiant
  204. Order of the Knights of the Polish Crown
  205. Medal of the White Eagle
  206. Monarchy Restoration Order and Medal
  207. Gold Cross of Leszek Grand Duke Wierzchowski
  208. Cross of Loyalty
  209. Jerusalem Cross
  210. 3rd of May Cross
  211. P. M. M. 6th Anniversary Decoration
  212. John III Vienna Victory 314th Anniv. Dec.

    Church Decorations

  213. Medal for Meritorious Service for the Church and Nation
  214. Order of Our Lady from Jasna Gora
  215. Order of St. Sigmundus
  216. Bene de Ecclesia Lodziensi Merito Medal
  217. Order of St. Brigitte of Sweden
  218. Cross of Merit to the St. Brigitte Parish
  219. Order of St. Mary Madelaine

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* No ribbon
(*) Unofficial ribbon only

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