Republic of Poland 1918-1945

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  1. Order of the White Eagle
  2. OrderVirtuti Militari
  3. OrderPolonia Restituta

    State Decorations and Medals

  4. Independence Cross
  5. Cross of Valor
  6. Volunteer Cross for War 1918-1921 (not awarded)
  7. Cross of Merit for Bravery
  8. Cross of Merit with Swords
  9. Cross of Merit
  10. Army Medal for War 1939-1945
  11. Air Force Medal for War 1939-1945
  12. Navy Medal for War 1939-1945
  13. Merchant Marine Medal for War 1939-1945
  14. Independence Medal
  15. Volunteer Medal for War 1918-1921 (not awarded)
  16. Army of Central Lithuania Cross of Merit
  17. Cross on Silesian Ribbon of Valor and Merit
  18. Cross of Polish Soldiers from America
  19. Life Saving Medal
  20. Commemorative Medal for War 1918-1921
  21. Academy Laurel
  22. 10 Years of Independence Commemorative Medal
  23. 3rd of May Medal
  24. Long Service Medal


  25. Wound Badge

    Unofficial Decorations (prior to WWII)

    January Uprising 1863 and Struggle for Independence prior to WWI
  26. January Uprising 70th Anniversary Commemorative Cross
  27. Cross of Former Political Prisoners 1870-1919

    Polish Legions 1914-18

  28. "Umbrella" Officer School Badge *
  29. Decoration for Faithful Service *

    Polish Army Corps in Russia 1914-18

  30. Crimson Ribbon of Valor
  31. 1st Pulawy Legion Commemorative Decoration

    Gen. Haller's "Blue Army" 1917-20

  32. White-Crimson ribbon of Valor
  33. Haller Swords Decoration
  34. Haller Army Commemoretive Medal

    Other WWI Decorations

  35. Interallied Victory Medal
  36. Wolyn Star & Cross
  37. Gen. Bulak-Balachowicz Star & Cross
  38. S & C f. Rescuing Polish Property in Former Russian Empire

    Struggle for Polish Eastern Border 1918-20

  39. Cross of Military Virtue
  40. Defense of Lwow Cross *
  41. "Orleta" Commemorative Decoration *
  42. Star of Przemysl

    Great Poland Rising 1918

  43. Decoration for Valor
  44. Decoration for Merit
  45. Uprising Commemorative Decoration

    Silesian Rrisings 1919-21

  46. Star of Upper Silesia
  47. Grand Cross of Upper Silesia
  48. Cross on Silesian Ribbon of Valor and Merit
  49. Honorary Plebiscite Cross
  50. Silesia Defense Cross and Medal

  51. Return of Cieszyn Silesia Medal (project)

    Unofficial Decorations (WWII)

  52. Cross of September Campaign 1939
  53. Monte Cassino Cross
  54. Home Army Cross
  55. Polish Resistance in France Medal

    Unit Commemorative Decorations

  56. 1st Armored Division Commemorative Cross
  57. 2nd Infantry Division Commemorative Medal
  58. 5th Infantry Division Commemorative Cross
  59. 1st Grenadier Division 30th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
  60. 1st Parachute Brigade Commemorative Medal

  61. Polish Armed Forces in Italy Commemorative Medal

    Polish Combattants Association

  62. PCA Cross
  63. PCA in Britain Cross of Merit
  64. PCA in Canada Cross of Merit
  65. PCA in USA Cross of Merit
  66. PCA in Australia Cross of Merit
  67. Battle of Monte Casino 25th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
  68. Battle of Monte Casino 55th Anniversary Commemorative Cross
  69. PCA 25th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
  70. PCA in Canada 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
  71. Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski 100th Birthday Commemorative Medal

    Polish Resistance in France Association

  72. Cross of Merit
  73. Polish Army Gratitude Medal
  74. Europe Medal

    Other Post WWII Medals

  75. Polish Armed Forces in the West Field Bishop Cross
  76. Polish Jerusalem Cross
  77. Medal of Merit of the Primate's of Poland Emmigrational Representative
  78. National Treasure Medal
  79. Cross and Medal for Freedom and Independence

    Organizational Decorations

    Polish Academy of Letters
  80. Academy Star *
  81. Academy Laurel

    Polish Red Cross

  82. Decoration of Honor

    Voluntary Fire Brigades' Association

  83. Gold Decoration of Honor
  84. Gold Cross/Medal for Life Saving
  85. Silver Cross/Medal for Courage and Bravery
  86. Medal of Merit
  87. Long Service Medal
  88. Long Service Decoration *
  89. 10 Years of Independence Medal
  90. 10 Years of Polish VFBA in Czechoslovakia

    Antiaircraft and Gas Defense League

  91. League Decoration of Honor

    Polish Hunting Society

  92. "ZLOM" Decoration *
  93. Medal of Merit

    Society of Polish Army Veterans in America

  94. Military Action 50th Anniversary Commemorative Cross
  95. 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medal
  96. 80th Anniversary of Recruitment to the Polish Army in France Commemorative Medal

    Polish Falcon Association

  97. PFA in America Medal of Merit
  98. PFA in Britain Legion of Honor
  99. PFA in Britain Medal of Merit
  100. PFA in Britain Legion of Merit
  101. PFA in France Cross of Merit

    Order of the White Raven

  102. Order of the White Raven

    Order of St. Stanislas

  103. Order of St. Stanislas

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* No ribbon

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