(This page was updated on April 29, 2006)

Links to Polish medal websites:

  1. President of Poland - webpages presenting current decoration system of Poland (in Polish).
  2. Polish Militaria - the site of Col. Prof. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski, dedicated to Polish military awards and badges. It contains numerous pictures and statistics concerning the military awards.
  3. Polish Award System in 20th Century - a superbweb site dedicated to the Polish award system with excellent hi-res photos - unfortunately quite slow to load (in Russian).
  4. Polish Decorations, Medals and Military Badges - an excellent web site dedicated to Polish decorations (in Polish).
  5. Subritzky-Kusza Michael, Grand Castellan of the Order of St. Stanislas - a web site about the Order of St. Stanislaw.