Dr. Zbigniew Puchalski

I dedicate this website to the memory of the late Dr. Zbigniew Puchalski. He was one of the greatest experts on Polish orders and decorations and the author of numerous publications on the subject. His books: "Polish Orders and Decorations and Their Recipients", "History of Polish Insignia of Honor" and "Independence Cross and Medal" became the canon of modern Polish phaleristic literature. He was also the author of many exhibitions at the Army Museum, Warsaw where he worked and the curator of the Virtuti Militari Cabinet at the Belvedere palace. Everyone who ever met him will remember his wisdom, modesty and unselfishness, so hard to find these days. He passed away on May 24, 2003. I am sure the first thing he did on that other side was going for a walk with his beloved dog, Camel, who preceded him just half a year on the way to eternity.
He was a true friend of mine. I will miss him a lot.