Decorations and Medals
of the Republic of Maldives (1968-)
Page updated: Apr. 22, 2010


Nishan-i-Ghazee - 1st Class (sash)
Nishan-i-Izzuddeen - 1st Class (sash)

Nishan-i-Ghazee - 2nd Class

Nishan-i-Izzuddeen - 2nd Class

Nishan-i-Ibrahim - 1st Class

Nishan-i-Ghazee - 3rd Class

Nishan-i-Izzuddeen - 3rd Class

Nishan-i-Ibrahim - 2nd Class



Gold Life-Saving Medal

Silver Life-Saving Medal

Decorations of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF)


Medal of Honour

Presidential Medal

Distinguished Service Medal

Medal for Exceptional Bravery
(Huravee Ran Medal) (H.R.M.)

Medal of Bravery

Purple Heart Medal

Long Service Medal

Dedicated Service Medal

MNDF Service Medal

Good Conduct Medal

Third November Medal

Centenary Medal

Presidential Ribbon

Ribbon for Bravery

Long Service Ribbon

Dedicated Service Ribbon

MNDF Ribbon

Good Conduct Ribbon

Special Duty Ribbon

Achievement Ribbon

Ribbon of Skill

Marksmaship Ribbon


  1. If not stated otherwise, all Maldives' decorations were established in 1996.
  2. A peculiarity of MNDS decorations is that apart from medals there are also ribbons as lesser degree awards, which duplicate the structure of the medals.

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