Decorations of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979
Page updated: Feb 13, 2007

Order of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Zolfaghar Decoration

Jahad Decoration

Bravery Decoration

Injury Decoration

Sacrifice Decoration

Decoration of Service
(3 classes)

Decoration of Research
(3 classes)

Decoration of Merit and Management
(3 classes)

Science Decoration

Art Decoration

Medical Decoration

Sports Decoration

Strategy Decoration

Officer College Decoration

Unknown ribbon

Ability Decoration

Superior Decoration

Supervisor Decoration

Primary Decoration

Unknown ribbon

Specialist Decoration

Military School Decoration

Top of the Class Decoration

Note: Width of all ribbons is 40 mm.

Most information on this page is courtesy of Mr. Michael Schulcz and his excellent ribbon website Teniae-Mundi. I have arranged as many ribbons as possible according to the photos of the ribbons worn by actual recipients, but some are still doubtful. The sources concerning the decorations of the Islamic Republic of Iran are very limited, so any additional information or correction will be welcomed.

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