Orders and Decorations of Papua New Guinea
Page updated: Sep. 1, 2009

Cross of Valour (CVL) (2005)

Order of Logohu (GCL - Grand Companion) (2005)

Order of the Star of Melanesia (CSM) (2005)

Order of Logohu (CL - Commander, OL - Officer, ML - Member) (2005)

Cross of the Medical Service (CMS) (2005)

Distinguished Military Service Medal (DMS) (2005)

Distinguished Police Service Medal (DPS) (2005)

Distinguished Correctional Service Medal (DCS) (2005)

Emergency Service Medal (ESM) (2005)

Public Service Medal (PSM) (2005)

Meritorious Community Service Medal (MCS) (2005)

National Logohu Medal (LM) (2005)

Commendation Medal for Valuable Service (CMM) (2005)

Papua New Guinea Independence Medal, 1975

Community Service Medal (1975-2005)

Defence Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

Royal PNG Constabulary Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

Public Service Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

10th Anniversary of Independence Medal, 1985

Constabulary Centenary Commemoration Medal, 1988

Royal Pacific Islands Regiment 50th Anniversary Medal, 1990

Constabulary Police Valour Medal (1965-75)

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